Need To Knows

How is Using a Yoni/Womb Egg Different from Doing Kegels?

The purpose of the Yoni Egg Practice is for the crystals to be used in conjunction with the kegel exercises, providing weight and resistance for greater results. Specific crystals vibrate at different frequencies that resonate with certain energy/emotional centres of the body, which allows for spiritual` elevation through emotional release.

Does the Size of Your Yoni/Womb Egg Depend on the Size of Your Yoni?

An egg that fits the width of your yoni is often easier to work with because the potential for it to fall out is reduced, but there are plenty of cases where women opt for a larger or sometimes smaller egg for specific reasons. The benefit of a larger egg is the additional weight to increase the effort needed by the muscles and extra width for a deeper yoni reflexology massage. On the contrary, women that opt for the smaller egg will have to rely on their yoni strength to hold the egg in and this extra effort is what provides the increased benefit. We usually recommend women use a medium egg for balance and to add weight to drilled eggs to increase resistance.

Can Using a Yoni Egg Can Give You an Infection?

When using a Yoni egg it is always necessary to clean the egg before insertion, but be mindful that the act of using a yoni/womb egg helps the yoni cleanse itself. With increased muscle tone comes increased blood circulation, which allows for the body to remove toxins from the yoni and bring the bacterial balance into harmony. It is also important to avoid companies that use resins to coat their eggs which can cause irritation to some women. Some crystals aren’t meant to be used internally because they are porous and can absorb fluid and bacteria, making them harder to clean and increasing chances of an infection. All of our eggs are 100% GIA certified, resin free and non-porous.

Will the Yoni/Womb Egg Get Lost/Stuck?

No. The canal does not actually open up into the abdominal cavity and, therefore, it is impossible for the egg to become lost within the body. As for the egg becoming stuck within the yoni, this is a result of the muscles either being too weak or a condition known as vaginismus. With weak yoni muscles, it tends to be hard for a woman to push the egg out, but a deep squat with a bit of force or the help of a finger or two can do the trick in removing a yoni egg. In the case of vaginismus, a woman often has involuntary spasms of the pelvic floor and this can make it difficult in removing your yoni egg. If this is the case, kegels can be done without the use of the egg to start off or sometimes a finger or two, until there is more comfortability and control in the area. Another option for women concerned about this issue, is to choose a add a string to a drilled egg or opt for smaller one.

Are Yoni Eggs for Women With Loose Yoni’s?

No. Women who’ve given birth often use the yoni egg practice for the recovery of their yoni muscles from the journey of bringing life, but the purpose of the practice is for a woman to become more in tune with the intimate areas of her body, bring balance to the reproductive organs and heighten her overall bodily awareness. The practice provides massage of this area which stimulates the reflexology zones of the yoni and brings more connectedness of the entire body.

Also, with increased strength of the yoni muscles, comes increased sensation and enhanced orgasms, which ALL women can benefit from .