V-Steaming 101


Vaginal Steaming is a relaxing self-care practice that every woman should indulge in because of it's abundant benefits for the womb.

Our fore mothers practiced this ritual by gathering sacred healing roots and herbs, that were steeped or boiled and sat over to increase blood circulation in the area.

Variations of herbs were used to treat specific symptoms. These herbal blends are a potent medley to soothe and heal the womb and vulva.


Steaming helps treat:

  • Fibroids
  • Ovarian Cysts (PCOS)
  • Endometriosis
  • Fertility/Infertility
  • Postpartum changes
  • Pelvic tension, pain and bloating 
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Detoxifies the womb and removes toxins from body
  • Maintains healthy odour


How To Steam

1. The Herbs

Find the blend of herbs with the most benefits for the ailment you're intending to heal.

Fem.Yin Fertility Blend: Assists in hormone production and uterine healing to increase chances of conception

Red Clover-Strengthens uterus, promotes ovulation

Oregano- Antioxidant, antibacterial 

Lavender- Natural antibiotic, anti-fungal 

Black Cohosh-Hormone imbalance, Menopause

Calendula- Heals scar tissue, Hemorrhoids 

Fem.Yin Detox Blend: increases uterine contractions to help the womb expel toxins and menstrual blockages.

Lady's Mantle- Menstrual Disorders, wounds

Rose Petals- Heal infections, difficult menses

Red Raspberry- Weak Uterus, Cervical Erosion 

Black Cohosh- Hormone imbalance, Menopause

Calendula- Heals scar tissue, Hemorrhoids 

Dong Quai- Weak Uterus, Block fallopian tubes, endometriosis 

Goldenseal- Viral Infections, STD's


Fem.Yin Post-partum Blend: Soothes and tones the tissues of the vulva and uterus to restore the reproductive system back to its preconception state

Red Raspberry- Strengthen uterus, heals cervical erosion

Rose Petals- Heals infection

Yarrow- Wound Healing

Calendula- Antiseptic, wound healing

Marshmallow- Anti- inflammatory 

Chamomile -Muscle relaxant , Diuretic (purifies blood)

2. The Water

Add the herbal blend to boiling water.

Be sure to only steep the herbs to retain as much healing particles as possible.

Pour the contents into a wooden or stainless steel bowl.

3. The Setup

Prepare your steaming area for the most comforting experience. This can include incense/sage, tea/water, a book, music and dim lighting.

Place a sitz bath seat over the toilet bowl.

Allow the steep herbs to cool slightly and pour contents into the seat.

4. The Process

Sit over the steam and cover up with a steam skirt/towel to prevent the heat from escaping.

Allow your body time to adjust to the temperature, but if it becomes unbearable either remove the skirt/towel and open your legs or stand up and allow the contents to cool.

5. Enjoy!

Be sure to not exceed 45-60 minutes of steaming. Listen to your body!


When to steam:

  • A day before or after menstrual cycle
  • 2-3 days before or after ovulation

It's best to steam after a shower to decrease the spread of bacteria.

The frequency of your steam sessions is dependent on the condition being treated.

When NOT to steam:

  • IUD
  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruating
  • Active infection (excessive discharge)
  • During ovulation (if you're trying to conceive)
  • Vaginal Piercings (metal can become uncomfortably hot)