Who We Are

(Shen to the left, Kushani to the right) 

 is Toronto's #1 in Womb Healing and Female Sexual Empowerment. Since it’s manifestation in 2016, Kushani and Shen have been enlightening women of all diaspora's on the way they view/use their bodies, specifically the most sacred womb.

They have dedicated themselves to assisting women of many generations in healing their bodies through wisdom, cleansing and physical touch.

Fem.Yin offers the Womb Wisdom workshop that informs women on their reproductive anatomy. The series also provides the tools to help tap into your sexual power, through movement, to ignite spiritual liberation.

Kushani hosts V-Steam  (an ancient womb healing ritual) for women to alleviate and prevent several maladies, including fibroids, PCOS and endometriosis, which are all linked to infertility. The practice involves sitting over the steam of healing herbs to detox and increase circulation in the womb. This gentle treatment provides POWERFUL results!

Shen uses the healing properties of physical touch with Womb Massages to relieve tension and adhesions in the area, which often times can be the reason for many of these female ailments.

The duo aims to bring awareness to the link between reproductive health, sex and spirituality as it relates to the Yin (moon) energy that resides within. Ultimately, their vision is to open a multi-dimensional women’s health facility that focuses on the important aspects of optimal health, including nutrition, fitness and mental health to eliminate the need for invasive or chemical treatments of menstrual conditions and infertility.