Womb & Abdominal Massage

Massage techniques have been used for centuries to tone and release restrictions and stagnant energy within in the abdomen and pelvis, to encourage the normal movement and functioning of your internal organs.
With release, the womb is able to function optimally, providing nourished yin energy throughout your entire being. The ovaries are able to produce and respond to estrogen more efficiently once tension has been alleviated and they have been given enough room to do their job.
Because digestion is also a crucial aspect of womb health, abdominal massage allows for increased motility in the colon and intestines, decreasing travel time of waste material which minimizes the passing of bacteria to the womb.
Who Can Benefit?
  • Women with a tilted/mispositioned uterus
  • Women who experience intense menstrual pain, lengthy & irregular cycles
  • Those looking to maintain or improve gastrointestinal health (ie. relieve constipation, IBS)
Expected Results
  •  Short, light & pain free cycles
  • Improved digestion (no constipation or IBS)
  • Increased weight loss & reduced stress
  • An overall feeling of well-being