Yoni Eggs 101

Yoni eggs have been used for centuries to increase the power in the yoni muscles for youthfulness and vitality.

Yoni Egg Sizes

Large - Larger eggs are meant for beginners, as it is harder to detect and manipulate the muscles right away. They are also use by women who've given birth as the muscles need the additional weight to help with retraining, in order to bring them back to their previous state. 

Medium - The medium yoni eggs are for those who have build a consistent practice with their large egg and can now easily manipulate it up and down the vaginal canal. Some women can start with a medium egg, depending on the size of their hips. 

Small - These eggs are for the women who have mastered their medium egg and have somewhat become bored with it. The small egg is now the challenge to see how closely you can pull those walls together for a tighter grip.

Adding weight - Once comfortable with your small egg, it is time to add weight! Vaginal weightlifting give the yoni muscles the extra strength to help increase their power. 

Cleansing Your Yoni Egg


Before every womb egg journey, you must first cleanse your egg physically with antibacterial soap and warm water. For eggs that are drilled, use a pipe cleaner to be sure that your egg is completely clean.


Crystals hold on to energy, therefore you should cleanse your egg energetically before and after every use. Charge your egg under the Sun (active Yang) or the Moon (subtle Yin) for your desired healing.

Smudge with sage to balance the crystal's aura.



The Yoni Egg Practice


Get your body ready to receive the egg by massaging your sacred petals with our healing vulva oil. Lightly lubricate the egg and insert while laying down or standing in a squat.

Breathing With Your Yoni Egg

With a steady breath, bring awareness to your internal sacred space by closing your eyes and scanning how you feel from Crown to Root. Sense where the subtle energies move freely through you and where tension/blockages reside. Breathe through these areas for release.

Once comfortable, begin clenching the muscles around the egg. Inhaling as you squeeze, pull up as high as your muscles allow and hold for as long as you comfortably can. Exhale as you release and slightly push out. Repeat.   

Yoni Egg Exercises

1. Laying Down


While laying flat on the ground, with your egg inserted, take a few deep breathes into the lower abdomen. When ready, clench the yoni muscles and hold for at least 5 seconds (or one breath) then release and repeat.

2. Bridge

Laying flat on your back, with knees bent and egg inserted, prepare yourself to get into the bridge pose by taking a few deep breathes. When ready, slowly lift the hips as high as you can while clenching your egg. Hold for at least 5 seconds (or one breath). Slowly lower your hips as you release your hold on the egg. Relax and repeat.

3. Yoni Egg Meditation

Sitting in a comfortable position with your egg inserted, take a few deep breathes to centre yourself. When ready begin your kegel exercises at a pace that is comfortable for you. Always remember to be mindful of your breathe.

Ideally you want to be able to hold your egg for at least 20-30 seconds for a 15 repetitions. As well as be able to move the egg up to the cervix and back down with control.


Healing happens at your own pace! Therefore, you will know when to close your ritual or the egg will tell you by releasing itself.

Slight cramping is normal, as the muscles are getting use to the weight of the egg.

Drilled Egg - Standing in a squat, gently pull the string to slowly remove the egg.

Non-Drilled Egg - Using your intentions, stand in a squat and gently push out & "hatch" your egg. If necessary, insert a finger or two & gently guide the egg out.


Do NOT use Your Yoni Egg:

  • When pregnant
  • With an IUD
  • During menstruation
  • During an infection 
  • Overnight