Vulva Cleanser

Vulva Cleanser

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An organic, creamy castile cleanser, infused with carrier oils,  essential oils and Marshmallow Root to stimulate blood flow and flush out toxins.

Used daily, bacterial balance is restored and maintained to relieve itchiness and inflammation.

Marshmallow Root provides mucilage to keep the inner and outer lips moisturized.

Directions : Wet the desired area with lukewarm water and thoroughly massage in 1-2 pumps.

rinse with cool water, then pat the area dry. Use daily. For best results, follow up with our vulva oil, OSHUN Ambrosia .

Key Ingredients:

★ Aloe to restore pH balance

★ Olive & Coconut Oil to fight harmful bacteria

★ Lavender Essential Oil to improve circulation and relieve pain

from itching & inflammation

★ Rosemary Essential Oil to tone & rejuvenate the skin

★ Tea Tree Oil to heal the skin through its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties

*This product is vegan-friendly*