Healing Vulva Oil

Healing Vulva Oil

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A moisturizing blend of organic oils and herbs use on the inner (and outer) lips to balance pH, increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation & bacterial overgrowth.

This potent, but moisturizer lubricates and tones the area leaving you renewed, soft and juicy!

Directions: after cleansing, pat the area dry and massage in 1-2 pumps. Use as often as desired. For best results, use after cleansing with our vulva wash, Milk of OSHUN.

Key Ingredients:

★ Olive Oil to fight harmful bacteria

★ Apricot Oil for its anti-carcinogenic properties

★ Burdock Root to cleanse the skin

★ Calendula to soothe & heal the skin through its microbial properties

★ Red Clover for its anti-aging properties

★ Sage for its antioxidant properties, revealing more radiant skin

★ Lady’s Mantle to treat skin infections

★ Lavender Essential Oil to improve circulation and relieve pain from itching & inflammation

★ Rosemary Essential Oil to tone & rejuvenate the skin

★ Tea Tree Oil to heal the skin through its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacteral properties